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Importance of Fathers

An Academic Argument

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Our Mission

Our mission is to have every father engaged in a deep, lasting connection with their daughter or son.

Our Vision

Our vision is a society of children that have psychological resilience to avoid the social ills of our society and the opportunity to be positive contributors to our society. 

Dr. Dan Podraza

       Dr. Dan Podraza is the driving force behind the movement to CONNECT every father with their child—one child at a time. His motivation is PREVENTION that will make the world a better place for his 9 grandchildren. While acknowledging that structure, discipline, learning, and bonding are critical to the wellbeing of every child, it is in connecting with a child’s thoughts that can make the difference in a child’s happiness, the child’s success, and the relationship with the parent. Dr. Dan has formulated steps, beginning with listening to the child’s thoughts, that can begin a deep and lasting relationship with the child that can begin in early childhood.

       Dr. Dan’s research includes developing resilience in young children as well as parent-child connecting. His hands-on experience as a child advocate includes teaching and mentoring young children in elementary schools, junior highs, high schools, alternative school, and youth prison. He has served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate in Cook County, Illinois. His greatest satisfaction comes from working with all fathers to be connected to their children.

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